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Program Development

Our Program Development beings with a needs assessment that includes an in-depth report of your school’s strengths and weaknesses based on our Strategic Passions School Assessment.  We continue our efforts by tackling the areas of greatest need to include curriculum development, teacher training, administrative requirements, technology support, organizational cultural change and organizational development.

College Prep

A high school’s success can be measured directly by the number of students who achieve college admission following graduation.  Our College Prep program provides direct access to our College Admissions Coaches to deliver one-on-one or group presentations, workshops and customized strategies to achieve post high school success for every student.

School Accreditation

Accreditation is a fundamental characteristic of any school wishing to demonstrate their program has met the basic standards required by the accrediting agency.  Unfortunately not all accreditation is created equally.  We work with our school partners during every step of initial or re-accreditation including picking the right agency, reviewing policies and procedures for compliance, developing self-evaluation and self-improvement plans, facilitating on-site visit preparation and conducting mock visits, team report responses, and more.

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